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J. and Henry G. Langley

(Born: ???? - Died: ????)

Publishers of the United States Magazine and Democratic Review, beginning in 1841. James Langley, born about 1816 (he is listed as being 32 in a census dated October 1, 1850, which would mean that he was born in 1818 or 1819). Henry Grace Langley, born about 1817 (he is listed as being 30 in a census dated October 1, 1850 which would mean that he was born in 1820 or 1821. In a passport request, dated Feb. 27, 1849, Henry swore that he was 30). Both brothers appear to have moved to California by 1854, when they were paid by the State of California for printing and distributing materials for 1852 and 1853. The Sacremento Daily Union for October 5, 1858 lists someone of the name James Langley as the corresponding secretary for the Sacramento Library Association. (But there is a James Langley, who was born in New York, who is recorded as having died on October 20, 1859, in San Francisco, at the age of 46, which would make his birth year 1813. He was buried in Lone Mountain Cemetery, in San Francisco. This cemetery was renamed Laurel Hill Cememtery in 1867, and 35,000 bodies were moved to Cypress Lawn Memorial Park in 1941.) Henry's name appears as publisher of a San Francisco Business Directory as late as 1895, although he may have died about January 31, 1883. (Crocker and H. G. Langley published the directory in 1898 and 1899, thereafter the publisher is listed as Crocker-Langley.) Their parents were James and Margaret Langley. James Langley, Sr. died on July 19, 1830.



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