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The Broadway Journal (New York, NY)

This is the only journal over which Poe ever managed to secure complete editorial control. Unfortunately, it was so mired under financial problems that he was unable to keep it running.

The Broadway Journal


Full Title: ... The Broadway Journal

The Broadway Journal: Vols. I-II (January 4, 1845 - January 3, 1846) (The last issue was not widely circulated.)

Charles F. Briggs  (January 4, 1845 - February 22, 1845)

Charles F. Briggs, Edgar A. Poe and Henry C. Watson (March 1, 1845 - June 28, 1845)

Edgar A. Poe and Henry C. Watson (July 12, 1845 - October 18, 1845)

Edgar A. Poe (October 25, 1845 - January 3, 1846)

John Bisco (January 4, 1845 - October 18, 1845)

Edgar A. Poe (October 25, 1845 - January 3, 1846)

New York, New York

There are many copies of individual issues the Broadway Journal, and several complete or nearly complete sets. (Circulation problems with the January 3, 1846 number have left many sets lacking this final issue.) A few copies are worthy of particular note: The "Whitman" set of volumes I and II. Given by Poe to Sarah Helen Whitman, this set includes a number of pencil notations, made by Poe, identifying many articles as his. On the title page of volume I is the inscription: "To S. H. W. from E. A. P." and on the top of the index to volume I Mrs. Whitman's note "Given to S. H. W. by E. A. P. [[new line]] October 1848."  There are also a number of notes, in Poe's hand, which are of considerable interest. On the top of the first page of volume I, no. 1, Poe wrote: "N. B. -- It was not until No. 10 that I had anything to do with this journal as Editor" (quoted by Pollin, IV, p. lii).In the issue of September 27, 1845, Poe wrote: "N. B. -- The poem which I sent you [[To Helen]] contained all the events of a dream which occurred to me soon after I knew you [[new line]] Ligeia was also suggested by a dream. Observe the eyes in both tale & poem" (quoted by Mabbott, Poems, p. 444). In addition, there are several other marks, such as words or paragraphs which are underlined or minor corrections. By the reprint of "Morella," along the margin of page 388, Poe wrote: "Jane Stannard  Helen Stannard  Helen Whitman -- Helen  Ellen  Elenore  Lenore!" (Mabbott, Poems, p. 331).  This set is currently at the Huntington Library. (The Whitman copy is also partly described by Pollin, volume 4, pp. li-liii.)

A private collector owns John Bisco's set of volumes I-II. This set includes several letters to Bisco from S. Elliot Cabot, J. R. Winser, N. P. Willis and B. B. Minor. It also includes a receipt, in Poe's hand, for contributions to the Broadway Journal.


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