Edgar Allan Poe — “The Domain of Arnheim”





  • Narrator (unnamed) - The narrator in this story is chiefly an observer. He is identified only as a friend of Mr. Ellison.
  • Mr. Ellison - The main protagonist. No first name is given.
  • Mrs. Ellison - Mentioned as Mr. Ellison’s wife, noted only as “the loveliest and most devoted of women.” No first name is given.
  • Mr. Seabright Ellison - Mentioned as a somewhat distant relative of Mr. Ellison. He has left the fortune which Mr. Ellison is so fortunate as to inherit. He has been dead for about 100 years by the time Mr. Ellison is born.


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Reading copy:

  • “The Domain of Arnheim” — reading copy


Historical Texts:

Manuscripts and Authorized Printings:

  • Text-01 — “The Landscape-Garden” — 1842, no original manuscript or fragments of this early form are known to exist (but this version is presumably recorded in Text-02)
  • Text-02 — “The Landscape-Garden” — October 1842 — Ladies Companion — (Mabbott text A1)
  • Text-03 — “The Landscape Garden” — 1842-1845 — speculated revised copy of Ladies Companion’s (Text-02), perhaps in anticipation of reprinting elsewhere. (These revisions are presumably recorded in Text-04. The changes are slight enough that a new manuscript is highly unlikely, but not so minor that they would reasonably have been made during typesetting or in correcting proofs for Text-04.)
  • Text-04 — “The Landscape Garden” — September 20, 1845 — Broadway Journal — (Mabbott text B1) (For Griswold’s 1856 reprinting of this text, see the entry below, under reprints.) (Instead of making changes to this printed version of the story, Poe chose to write a full, new manuscript. He may have done so in part to avoid emphasizing, in offering the tale to a new publisher, that the tale had been printed so recently.)
  • Text-05 — “The Domain of Arnheim” — November or December 1846 — “Goldsmith” manuscript — (Mabbott text A)  (A “roll” manuscript, formerly in the collection of William H. Koester, and currently in the Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas at Austin.)
  • Text-06 — “The Domain of Arnheim” — March 1847 — Columbian Magazine — (Mabbott text B) (For Griswold’s 1850 reprinting of this text, see the entry below, under reprints.)



  • “The Domain of Arnheim” — February 27, 1847 — New England Weekly Review (reprinted from Text-06)  (noted by Ljungquist)
  • The Landscape Garden” — 1856 — WORKS — (Griswold reprints the text from Text-03)  (Mabbott text C1)  (This is Mabbott’s copy-text for this early form) (Although Griswold printed both “The Domain of Arnheim” and “The Landscape Garden” as separate tales, and Mabbott follows this same practice in Tales and Sketches, they are really just two versions of the same story.)
  • The Domain of Arnheim” — 1850 — WORKS — (Mabbott text C)  (This is Mabbott’s copy-text)
  • “The Domain of Arnheim” — 1867 — Prose Tales of Edgar Allan Poe, first series (New York: W. J. Widdleton), pp. 388-403 (This collection is extracted from the 1850-1856 edition of Poe’s Works. It was reprinted several times.)
  • “The Domain of Arnheim” — 1874 — Works of Edgar A. Poe, edited by J. H. Ingram, vol. 1, pp. 303-319 (This collection was subsequently reprinted in various forms)


Scholarly and Noteworthy Reprints:

  • “The Domain of Arnheim” — 1894-1895 — The Works of Edgar Allan Poe, vol. 2: Tales, ed. G. E. Woodberry and E. C. Stedman, Chicago: Stone and Kimball (2:92-112)
  • The Landscape Garden” — 1902 — The Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe, vol. 4: Tales III, ed. J. A. Harrison, New York: T. Y. Crowell (4:259-271, and 4:320)
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  • The Domain of Arnheim” — 1978 — The Collected Works of Edgar Allan Poe, vol. 3: Tales & Sketches II, ed. T. O. Mabbott, Cambridge: Belknap Press of Harvard University Press (3:1266-1285)
  • “The Domain of Arnheim” — 1984 — Edgar Allan Poe: Poetry and Tales, ed. Patrick F. Quinn (New York: Library of America), pp. 855-870


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Miscellaneous Texts and Related Items:

  • “Le domaine d‘Arnheim” — 1865 — Histoires grotesques et sérieuses, Paris: Michel Lévy frères (French translation by Charles Baudelaire)
  • ”Le jardin paysage” — 1950 — Histories grotesques et sérieuse par Edgar Poe, Paris: Classiques Garnier (French translation by Léon Lemonnier of “The Lanscape-Garden”)



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