Baltimore Poe House and Museum — Original Appearance


Poe House and Museum - circa 1833.

Poe House and Museum (Balti­more, Mary­land) as it probably appeared in 1833. This pen and ink drawing, done about 1940, was based on a number of old photographs.

This pen and ink drawing, made about 1940, is a reconstruction of the Baltimore Poe House from several old photographs. The drawing shows the building as it probably appeared around 1833. The building was still a duplex when May Garrettson Evans, president of the Poe Society at the time, identified the building as the No. 3 Amity Street home of Mrs. Clemm in 1833. Although much of the original structure remained, a number alterations had been made over the years. The top of the left half, for example, was raised at some point to provide a full room on the third floor, with a flat roof. The left half of the building was removed entirely in 1938. Poe lived with Maria Clemm and her family in the right side of the house.


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