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Poe and Science Fiction

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Poe's dabblings in the realm of science fiction are hardly recognizable as such today. There are no flying saucers, laser guns or time machines in Poe's writings. His works are limited more or less to the scientific understandings of his own day. The closest of Poe's tales to modern science fiction is perhaps "The Unparalled Adventure of One Hans Pfaall," at the end of which the hero claims to have taken a balloon to the moon. There, he describes "a fantastical-looking city" occupied by "a vast crowd of ugly little people" who have no ears and use "a singular method of inter-communication [telepathy]." (The tone of the piece, is somewhat humorous, in the vein of Swift's Gulliver's Travels, although Poe is less obviously indulging in satire.)

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