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Poe, Sources and Influences

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Shakespeare, William
Milton, John
Lord Byron
Pinkney, Edward Coote
Tennyson, Alfred (???)
Pope, Alexander
Swift, Johnathan (??)

"Of Coleridge I cannot speak but with reverence. His towering intellect! his gigantic power. . . . In reading his poetry I tremble -- like one who stands upon a volcano, conscious, from the very darkness bursting from the crater, of the fire and the light that are weltering below." ("Letter to B. --")

"As to Wordsworth, I have no faith in him. That he had, in youth, the feelings of a poet I believe -- for there are glimpses of extreme delicacy in his writings . . . but they have the appearance of a better day recollected; and glimpses, at best, are little evidence of present poetic fire -- we know that a few straggling flowers spring up daily in the crevices of the glacier." ("Letter to B. --")


Bloch, Robert
Borges, J.
Doyle, Arthur Conan
King, Stephen
Lovecraft, H. P.
Verne, Jules
Baudelaire, Charles
Mallarme, Stephen


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