Text: G. Richard Thompson, “Announcement of Poe Newsletter,” from Newsletter of the American Council of Learned Societies, Vol. XVIII, no. 7, November 1967, 18:5


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Poe Newsletter

The Department of English of Washington State University announces the publication of a Poe Newsletter for the academic year 1967-68. Tentatively, two issues are planned, but if contributions and general scholarly interest warrant, the number of issues may be increased the following year.

Short essays and notes on any aspect of Poe the man and the writer are herewith solicited. Bibliographical studies, source and influence studies, and short essays and notes on Poe in the context of international Romanticism are especially desired. The newsletter format is an indication of limited space. Therefore, works of pure explication, though valued and welcome, can be included only when brief. Critical studies of Poe’s minor writings, especially of his humor and satire, will, however, be read with particular interest. General news about Poe and dark Romanticism is also desired. Please send announcements of papers to be read, of colloquiums, symposiums, celebrations. Especially helpful would be bibliographical information on fugitive pieces on Poe in books and little magazines, and in general on the Gothic and the grotesque, and on Romantic philosophy, psychology, and literary theory insofar as these matters are relevant to Poe.

Every effort will be made to make the Poe Newsletter attractive. It will be printed on good paper, with clear readable type, and with justified right-hand margins. Although the newsletter will eventually have to become self-supporting on the basis of subscriptions, the first issues will be distributed free to scholars and libraries upon request.

Manuscripts must be written in English, should conform to MLA style and be accompanied by return postage. Address manuscripts and requests for copies to

Editor, Poe Newsletter  
Department of English 
Washington State University 
Pullman, Washington 99163 


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