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Poe Checklist

J. Albert Robbins (Indiana University) is preparing for the Charles E. Merrill Program in American Literature, a bibliographical checklist which will present the basic resources for the study of Poe. Scheduled for publication this year, the checklist will be followed soon by an introductory student guide to the life and works of Poe.

Russian Studies of Poe

Eighty-one items on Poe from 1852 to 1963 are listed in Russian Studies of America Literature: A Bibliography, to be published this year by the University of North Carolina Press (Chapel Hill). The bibliography was compiled by Valentina A. Libran (Gorky Institute, Moscow), translated by Robert V. Allen (Russian Area Specialist, Slavonic Division of the Library of Congress), and edited and adapted for American scholars by Clarence Gohdes. (Poe items pp. 145-150.)

Descriptive Catalog of Poe MSS

Joseph J. Moldenhauer (University of Texas at Austin) has compiled a descriptive catalog of Poe manuscripts at the University of Texas (including those in the Koester collection) which will be published by the Humanities Research Center this year.

Facsimiles Just Published

Two facsimile reproductions of three Poe editions have just been published. 1) An enlarged facsimile reproduction of the first impressions of Tales (Wiley & Putnam, 1845) and of The Raven and Other Poems (Wiley & Putnam, 1845) from copies in the Alderman Library, University of Virginia, has been issued by the Charles E. Merrill Publishing Company (Columbus, Ohio, 1969), with an Introduction (pp. v-xxvi) by Jay B. Hubbell. 2) A true-size facsimile reproduction of Prose Romances (William H. Graham, 1843), prepared by George Hatvary and Thomas Ollive Mabbott, has been published by St. John’s University Press (Jamaica, New York, 1968), with an Introduction (pp. i-vi) by Hatvary and a bibliographical census of the five existing copies with front wrappers intact (p. vi) by Mabbott. This facsimile is from the presentation copy to Francis J. Grund (”with Mr Poe’s respects” on title page), now in the Library of Congress.

Baltimore Poe Society Lecture

“The Battle of Poe’s Biographers” was the topic of the 46th Annual Edgar Allan Poe Lecture of the Poe Society of Baltimore, given by John C. Miller (Old Dominion College, Virginia) at Westminster Church.

Poe Exhibition in Paris

A Poe exhibition was held in Paris from 21 November to 21 December 1968 at the Center for American Cultural Activities (Centre Cultural Américain, 3 Rue du Dragon, Paris — 6e) as a complement to a larger Baudelaire exhibition which will continue through March 1969. A special Poe poster, after an original gravure by Alexandre Alexeïff, consists of a double portrait in which Poe looks as much like Baudelaire as Baudelaire himself.

Inauguration of the Center for Baudelaire Studies

The Center for Baudelaire Studies, recently established at Vanderbilt University, will have its formal inauguration on 9 April 1969. Features of the ceremony will be a colloquium and an exhibition devoted to Baudelaire and Poe. The facilities of the Center should be of interest not only to Baudelaire scholars, but also to persons engaged in the study of Poe as a world-author. Especially noteworthy is the Center’s unique collection of documents pertaining to Poe’s reputation and influence in France, Russia, and other countries of Europe. Readers of the Poe Newsletter are invited to attend the inauguration and to make use of the resources of the Center, by correspondence or in person.


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