Text: Edgar Allan Poe, “Bulwer Used Up,” Alexander's Weekly Messenger, vol. 4, no. 19, May 6, 1840, p. 2, col. 4


[page 2, column 4:]

Bulwer Used Up.

The last number of Fraser's Magazine, uses up the novels of Mr. Edward Lytton Bulwer in fine style, but with little scruple as far as regards integrity, candor, or fact. We mean this remark as applicable only to the charges made against the incidental and colloquial portions of the works in question. But the critic is, in our opinion, perfectly right in condemning by wholesale Bulwer's absurd pretence to metaphysical knowledge. The parade which he always makes of this, arises from a consciousness of his total ignorance and deficiency. He has warm passions and a glowing imagination — but nothing can be more perplexed and indistinct than his reasoning powers, and nothing possibly worse than his style.




This notice was first attributed to Poe by Clarence S. Brigham in Edgar Allan Poe's Contributions to Alexander's Weekly Messenger, 1943, pp. 82-83.



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