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[Text: Edgar Allan Poe, "[Inscription]" - probably 1845.]

Miss Louisa Ann Lynch    .
with the compliments of her sincere friend  .
                                        Edgar A. Poe.

[This item is printed with permission of the owner, The Poe Foundation, Richmond, Virginia.]

[This inscription, written in Poe's hand in very small print on the front fly leaf, appears in a copy of The New Year's Gift for 1836 (London). Although Poe has a tale in the American version of The Gift for 1836, nothing of his appears in the London version. This was presumably given to Poe as a Christmas present. Poe, for whatever reason, had kept it and gave it to Miss Lynch (later Anna Charlotte Lynch Botta). This book is in the collection of the Poe Foundation, Richmond, Virginia. It was examined on October 7, 1999.]

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