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[Text: Edgar Allan Poe, promissory note - January 15, 1846.]

New-York: Jan 15. 1846.

[name excised, probably John McDougall] Esqre -- At three days' sight, please pay to the order of Harnden & Co, the sum of Twenty-Five Dollars, and charge the same to my account.

>>Edgar A Poe<<

[This item is printed here with permission of the Boston Public Library, where it is noted as Ms. E .9.4 75-166.]

[The note of "$25 ----" appears running vertically across the left edge of this note. The reverse side of the item is endorsed, like a check, partially obscured by the excision of the name from the note: "E. A. Poe [[/]] [J????] 6/46 [[or 16/46]] [[/]] $25. -- [[/]] J A McDo[ugall]" The final five letters of "McDougall run off the edge of the page, suggesting that the surviving item was cut down from a larger sheet of paper.]

[John W. Ostrom describes this note as item 610e in his revised checklist of 1981 as a "Three-line letter." The size and nature of the item, however, more appropriately classifies it as a promissory note.]

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